Museum Remembrance Week with amateur radio Club

Remembrance traditions continue at McCrae House with the return of the Guelph Amateur Radio Club.

Now in its 21st season, the group will be sending and receiving remembrance mes­sages at the birthplace of John McCrae from Nov. 2 to 11.

Members of the Radio Club look forward to contacting, via the airwaves, ham radio enthu­siasts around the world.

This is their opportunity to acknow-ledge Remembrance Day and exchange thoughts on its significance. The club also assists the museum in educat­ing children and adult groups taking part in Remembrance programs offered throughout the week. Students, as well as the general public, are invited to share their thoughts and reacquaint themselves with John McCrae.

McCrae House is the birth­place of John McCrae, doctor, soldier, and author of the poem In Flanders Fields, one of the best known First World War poems. McCrae’s poem is credited with initiating the use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

On, Nov. 11 beginning at 9am there will be a short flag ceremony organized by the Col. John McCrae Legion in the McCrae Garden. Admission to McCrae House on Remem­brance day is by donation and the house is open until 5pm.

McCrae House is located at 108 Water Street. Open daily 1 to 5pm leading up to Remem­brance Day and open on Remem­brance Day 9am to 5pm. Regular admission to the museum is: Adults – $4, seniors and students – $3, families $10.

Contact Guelph Museums at 836-1221, extension 2773 for more information.