Museum exhibit celebrates Homewood’s 125 year history

In 1883, it was known as the Homewood Re­treat, “a private institution for the treatment of the insane, alcoholic and opium habits.”

Today, 125 years later, Homewood Health Centre celebrates its evolution as a lead­ing mental health and ad­dic­tion treatment facility dedi­cated to improving lives.

To mark its 125th anni­ver­sary, Homewood has teamed up with Guelph Museums to pre­sent a four-month exhibit at the museum entitled 125 Years of Improving Life: The History of Homewood Health Centre. 

Through photos and mem­orabilia, the display will illus­trate Homewood’s history and chronicle the changes that have occurred, in the facility, in its specialized programs, and in the treatment of mental illness and addictions. Also offered is a glimpse into Homewood’s future.

“For the past 125 years, Homewood has been a signi­fi­cant presence in Guelph as a cen­tre for the treatment of mental illness and addictions, and also as a major employer,” said Edgardo Pérez, MD, chief executive officer and president. “As we celebrate this important milestone in our history, we want to share our story with local residents, and also our pride in what we’ve accom­p­lished. Not only is Homewood celebrating 125 years of suc­cess as a mental health and ad­diction centre, but also the liter­ally thousands of individuals whose lives have improved as a result of our efforts.”

The exhibit opens Jan. 18, at the Guelph Civic Museum, at 6 Dublin Street South, and continues until April 13. The museum is open daily from 1 to 5pm with some exceptions, including statutory holidays. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for children, students and seniors and $10 for families.

“Guelph Museums is pleas­ed to present this exhibition in partnership with Homewood, which is such an important in­stitution in our community,” said Katherine McCracken, the director of Guelph Museums. “I know that the residents of Guelph, as well as visitors to our city, will enjoy this oppor­tunity to learn more about Home­wood and its history..”

Homewood Health Centre is a leader in mental health and addiction treatment, providing specialized psychiatric services to all Canadians. Unique in Canadian health care, Home­wood is a highly specialized provincial and national re­source. A fully accredited facility, it has always achieved the highest standards in quality care. It is a recipient of the prestigious National Quality Award.

In recent years, the organization has expanded to include the care of seniors and the delivery of employee assis­tance programs and workplace health services.