Museum celebrating International Day

Ontario’s muse­ums are featuring hundreds of exciting exhibits and events dur­ing May, including special programs to mark International Museum Day on May 18.

At the Wellington County Mu­seum, several events are planned, including a special, day long program for students, a screening of two historic films of the area, and a bus tour for members, volunteers and others.

May 28 is the annual day away" bus trip; this year the tour is of the Dufferin County Museum & Archives and the Peel Heritage Complex.  Lunch will be at Mrs. Mitchell’s res­taurant.  Cost of the day trip is $50 for members and $54 for non-members.

To register, call the museum at 519-846-0916, extension 221.

May is a good time to re­mind the public about the Kellogg’s Adventure Pass pro­gram.  Kellogg’s is offering up to $10 off coupons on a variety of specially marked packages of its cereals. 

The company has partnered with the Cana­dian Museum Association to offer the special pass that will be accepted at the Wellington County Museum and at muse­ums, galleries, and zoos across the country.  Every year, 60 milli­on people visit Canadian museums.

International Museum Day is on the Saturday and local admission that day is free.

For further information on any of these program or events, contact the museum.