Mounted games held last week; more competitions on Dec. 13

Travis Hall Equestrian Centre near Fergus held a mounted games clinic on Nov. 16.

Mounted games are relay races played while riding a pony, either in teams or in pairs. This clinic was organized by Cindy Johnson and her daughter, Michelle.

The clinic was free.  The event was held to demonstrate to local children and adults the thrill of a new sport, mounted games.

There were 22 participant, both children and adults. The games ensure the entire family can ride together.

Another free clinic is scheduled for Dec. 13 from 3 to 5pm. That one will be sponsored by Mounted Games Across Canada and Travis Hall Equestrian has again donated the use of its facility to promote the sport.

That event is for riders who ride western or English, and organizers are hoping that family members will come in pairs to take part.

At the Nov. 16 event, Cindy Johnson explained the games to the children while Michelle Johnson  demonstrat­ed them from horseback. She would show the children diff­erent vaults on the pony, and the kids got to try them on a barrel, to experiment.

When Cindy Johnson was done explaining, Michelle un­tacked her pony and the child­ren play­ed the games, on foot. The favourite game was def­inite­ly balloon, where the kids got to run down and pop bal­loons with a pointy stick.

When all the games had been played by all the kids, Cindy Johnson supplied chips and hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the parents.

An obstacle course using almost all of the games was set for the children. Most of the children ran it more than once.  Even the parents participated and learned how to vault.