Mount Forest Library reconstruction

Mayor Mike Broomhead recently suggested there might have been a lot of bald horses in the area many years ago.

He made that comment Monday night as he talked about the current rebuilding of the Mount Forest library.

He said work is moving al­ong well, with the steel beams for the addition now in place.

“They’re now starting to tear out some of the stuff on the inside of the building,” he said.

He said seeing the inside now is quite interesting.

“They’ve got the upstairs torn apart. It’s amazing when they tear the shelves out that it reveals some very interesting, nostalgic pieces of history of how the old structure was built.” He said of the plaster and lathe used for the original building, “They must have had a lot of horse haircuts to do that, because the horse hair is in there as thick as can be.”

He said by the time the meeting was over his eyes were watering and his throat closing up.

“They just stuffed it full of horse hair. There must have been a lot of bald horses when they built that Carnegie Hall,” he laughed.