Mount Forest flavour in Guelph ‘Faery Fest’

Most of the folks in Mount Forest see them as business owners, health care workers, and everyday citizens.

But for one weekend at Guelph’s Faery Fest on June 20 and 21, a pair of them showed their hidden talents, portraying two of the most important characters in Faery Land.

For Sherry Campbell, owner of Sherry’s on Main, a Mount Forest gift shop, life as a creature in Faery Land started small.

In Faery Fest’s first year, she began as a purple background fairy with just a few lines, but by the second year she had been elevated to Queen of Faery Land, complete with a regal white dress and crown.

“I think if I had real wings I might have flown. It was completely unexpected, but I’m glad it was me,” said Campbell.

Her husband, Brian, who works for Saugeen Valley Nursing Centre, was also commandeered as the Herald of her magical court. His announcing skills and booming voice come in handy. Their good friend Jeff Blakeney stepped up to the gate as The Troll.

Whether policing the front gate or carousing in the pub, visitors will find him with pointy horns and club in hand. This year, Leah Young, yet another resident of Mount Forest, joins Faery Fest for the first time.

According to Faery Fest president Shawn Johnson, Faery Fest relies on volunteers such as those to make the non-profit festival sparkle for families and fantasy buffs every year.

“Our Mount Forest crew is special to Faery Fest,” said Johnson. “They have been with us from the start.”

Faery Fest is a non-profit visual and performing arts festival with a fantasy theme held in Guelph’s Riverside Park.

Incorporating a village of artisans, musical stage shows, interactive theatre, games and medieval Sports such as jousting and combat, Faery Fest provides a place for families to have fun and appreciate the fantasy arts genre.More information can be found on their website