Motorcycle buffs organize “˜diaper run”™ to assist family of Palmerston triplets

A local couple raising what are believed to be the first set of triplet boys born to a Palmerston family got a boost from a group of area motorcycle enthusiasts.

Kelly Ellis delivered the triplets on June 7 at a hospital in Hamilton due to the high risk nature of the birth.

The boys: Sullivan George Ellis, Emmerson Mark Ellis and Finnigan David Ellis, all weighed in at a bit over four pounds, says Dave Ellis, a longtime Palmerston resident whose nephew Quentin is the proud father.

Dave, knowing the arrival of three babies at once presents an enormous challenge to new parents, began to wonder, “What can I do for these little guys?”

“Can you imagine going to bed at night and you have no children and the next day you’ve got three baby boys?” he asked.

While he found previous records of triplets, and even a set of quadruplets in Palmerston, Dave said it appears these are the first triplet boys born to a Palmerston couple – “So it’s very unique.”

In addition to other challenges associated with multiple births, the Ellis family was going through diapers very quickly, which gave Dave an inspiration.

Plenty of support

A member of a motorcycle club called the Gypsy Riders, he contacted members of his club and other area riders and organized a “diaper run.”

Members arranged to meet at a local coffee shop with packages of diapers strapped to their motorcycles to deliver to the family.

“I figured maybe we’d have eight or 10 bikes, but it’s turned into something more than I ever thought it would,” said Dave in a telephone interview before the run.

“I’ve got people dropping off diapers at my house.”

More diapers were dropped off by well wishers at Tim Hortons on the morning of the event, which Dave loaded into his pickup truck and delivered along with the motorcyclists’ contributions.

The diapers, along with three afghans and some cash and gift certificates, were presented to the couple at their home by Ellis and about a dozen other motorcyclists on Sept. 10.

Three dozen diapers daily

“Thank you very, very much,” said Kelly

“We’re up to about 36 a day now, so this really helps with the diapers. We really appreciate it,” added Quentin.

Minto councillor Ron Elliott, who attended the presentation, said, “We’re so proud to have these three boys as part of the community.”

He quipped, “We’ve got the start of a really good ball team. We’ve got one line in hockey. So if you decide to go that route that’s fine.

“If they don’t decide to go that route, I’m sure they’ll choose their own way.”