Minto’s compost resolution finally supported by neighbouring council

It looks like Minto is finally getting the support it was looking for.

In June, Minto sent correspondence to Wellington North asking support for a resolution sent to Wellington County’s solid waste services committee chairman Bob Wilson.

That resolution outlined the reasons Minto was forced to close its composting areas, but still acknowledges the benefits of composting organic materials. Minto also believed implementing composting at county transfer stations and landfill sites would ultimately extend the life of a county landfill.

Minto appealed to the county to develop two or more composting sites within Welling­ton, or, as an alternative, to have dedicated compost-only bins at all the transfer stations in Wellington County for green and brown compost and that it be policed by county employees to ensure that only organic materials be put into them.

When the item originally came to Wellington North, councillors opted to defer a de­cision until they had more information.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said council wanted a better handle on what was being re­quested.

“We can support it or not … whatever council’s wishes are.”

Broomhead said the county is of a mixed opinion on the matter, because it is an expensive way to do things.

“If you talk to some of the mayors, they think it should be.”

However, Broomhead said if the move is made, it should be done as a budgeted item.

He said it appears Minto is hoping to get support from all the municipalities and then the county could address it accordingly. “Apparently it’s an expensive venture, if you start doing that.”

He looked to Works Direc­tor Gary Williamson for verification, since the idea was considered a number of years ago.

Broomhead said there were costs for fencing, steps to go through, and an Environmental Assessment process. “It would be a substantial expense.”

He was also uncertain where the best two locations would be in Wellington for the composting areas.

Broomhead added there are also local businesses that do accept compost.

Williamson said it was not just the costs to set up that needed to be addressed – but the ongoing monitoring and recording of the materials brought in. The cost goes up prohibitively in smaller areas, such as Mount Forest.

However, councillor Dan Yake had another take on the issue.

“Though I do not consider myself the world’s greatest composter …. doesn’t it show a little bit of forward thinking?” he asked. “Whether’s there’s costs involved …. there obviously is. We don’t know what they are. We’’re being told there are astronomical costs. But in the overall scheme of things it shows some forward thinking.”

Yake said, “If it’s a money issue, I really think the county needs to look at this and make a proactive decision. Don’t just tell us its too expensive.”

He personally supported the motion. “I think its a bit of forward thinking in this day and age.”

Broomhead said he believes further investigation was all Minto is requesting.