Minto receives Connecting Link cash for Elora Street rebuild in Clifford

A provincial contribution of nearly $1 million will help pay for the northern segment of the Elora Street (Highway 9) reconstruction project in Clifford.

Minto council was advised in letter from Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca, received at the April 18 council meeting, that the province will contribute up to $987,665 towards the project.

Treasurer Gordon Duff explained the funds will help pay for reconstruction of the Elora Street Connecting Link between James and West Heritage Streets.

“We’ve already secured funds for the south end,” he explained.

In 2015, Minto was awarded $1.9 million to design and reconstruct the Park to James Street section of the project.

“It’s good News,” said Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece, who reminded council his opposition PC party actively lobbied the governing Liberals to restore the Connecting Link program, which it cancelled in 2012.

The program was restored in 2015.

“We raised a real ruckus in the House about this deal. It wasn’t fair. If you’re going to retain ownership of something you’ve got to pay your fair share of it.”

Pettapiece stressed that while Toronto is important to the province’s economy, “so is the country.

“We have to keep reminding the government about how important we are out here,” he said.

“The agriculture areas contribute almost, I say more but let’s say it’s a tie, (than) the biggest industry in Ontario which is the car industry.

“So we need to be listened to and I think we are being listened to more as announcements like this come along.”

Deputy mayor Ron Faulkner noted previous traffic counts have shown an average of 22 cars per minute travelling through Clifford on the Highway 9 Connecting Link. “That’s pretty substantial,” he pointed out.

Del Duca stated in his letter the province will provide $25 million for Connecting Links across the province in 2017-18. Annual funding will increase to $30 million by 2018-19.

“I look forward to continuing our cooperative relationship and wish you success with your project,” the minister stated.

Wellington North funding

In an April 18 press release Pettapeice noted  Connecting Link funding has been announced three other Perth-Wellington communities.

He pointed out the four Perth-Wellington projects will receive nearly $4 million combined, 19 per cent of the province-wide total,

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see our share is that high,” he stated.

Wellington North will receive  $233,269.00 for the resurfacing of Queen Street (Highway 89).

The City of Stratford will receive $2,420,698 for work on the Highway 7 Connecting Link and the Municipality of West Perth was granted $395,643 for a project on Highway 23 in Mitchell.