Minto gets $696,002 for road and bridge repairs

Perth-Well­ington MPP John Wilkinson recently announced grants of nearly $700,000 to improve roads and a bridge in Minto.

Wilkinson made the an­nouncement on behalf of his colleague, Min­ister of Transportation Jim Bradley.

The money is for improvements to Arthur Street, including the bridge over the Mait­land River, in Harriston.

“I am pleased that connecting link funding has been approved for the Town of Minto,” said Wilkinson.  “This much needed rural infrastructure improvement will help create jobs today and ensure a safer road and bridge for drivers tomorrow.”

Mayor David Anderson said, “On behalf of the Town of Minto, I would like to thank the provincial government, especially our MPP, for the generous infrastructure funding. This support continues in establishing a great partnership with the municipality of Minto, while directly benefiting our citizens.”

The connecting link program enables municipalities to repair roads that connect two ends of a provincial highway through an urban area. There are about 350kms of roads and 70 bridges along connecting links in 77 municipalities across Ontario.

Some key features of the Connecting Link program include:

– $15-million in funding to municipalities for road and bridge repairs 

– A total of 26 projects will receive funding from the connecting link program.  

“The investments made through the connecting link pro­gram will help communities build safer roadways, while stimulating the economy through job creation and the efficient movement of goods and services.” said Bradley.   

Earlier that week, on July 2, funding was announced to improve Highway 80 east of Conn.

The province is resurfacing Highway 89 from east of Conn to the western limits of Shel­burne. That construction project will create approximately 40 direct and indirect construction jobs in the area.

The $4.7-million contract was awarded to Miller Paving Limited, of Markham. Con­struc­tion on Highway 89 is expected to be done by fall. 

"Improvements to Highway 89 will not only ensure a safer drive for motorists for years to come but will also help strengthen our rural economy,” said Wilkinson.

Motorists may experience minor daytime delays during construction. Drivers are re­minded that speeding fines are doubled in construction zones.