Mini grants awarded to Centre Wellington community groups

While the grants may be “mini”, the recent awarding of Centre Wellington Community Foundation (CWCF) funding will have a big impact on the local community.

On May 12, recipients of the mini grants were officially announced.

The primary aim of the program is to assist local organizations and initiatives by providing grants ranging from $500 to $1,000.

The selection criteria for this fifth year of mini grants was based directly on the outcomes illustrated in the 2015 Vital Signs report that CWCF released in October 2015.  

Specifically, the focus areas of “gap between rich and poor,” “arts and culture,” and “belonging and leadership” provided the basis of selection of successful applicants. For a copy of the Vital Signs 2015 report visit,

Kate and Margot Community Fund

The award supports a broad range of charitable activities with a focus on grants leveraged by other support, including significant volunteer commitment.

Recipients were:

– Spark of Brilliance – Margaret Hill (sponsored by the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington), $750; and,

– FEDS Special Soccer – Pat Espina (sponsored by the Township of Centre Wellington), $1,000.

Centre Wellington Youth Fund

Established to help develop youth in Centre Wellington, activities include mentorship, social services, employment, education, physical fitness targeting holistic development of young people.

The first grant from this newly-established fund went to the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters group (Jane Cooper), $1,000.

Middlebrook Community Fund

Funds a broad spectrum of granting in the local community and will prioritize around emerging or strategic granting needs (e.g. Vital Signs).

Recipients included:

– Three Centuries Festival (Elora Festival) – Chris Sharpe, $1,000; and

– Elora Cataract Trailway – Raymond Soucy (Sponsored by Centre Wellington), $1,000.

Community Fund

CWCF’s core non-restricted fund grants to a broad range of worthy causes in the community and a great choice for donors wanting to enable the broadest spectrum of local community initiatives.

Recipients included:

– Children’s Foundation Guelph-Wellington, Karyn Kirkwood, $1,000;

– Elora Writer’s Festival, Dave Beynon (sponsored by the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington), $1,000; and

– James McQueen Public School, Kim Saunders (sponsored by the Upper Grand Learning Foundation), $750.

Vital Signs – what’s next?

The CWCF Vital Signs report measured the vitality of the community in key areas, providing critical information to help set priorities and identify opportunities for action in areas such as:

– gap between rich and poor;

– arts and culture; and

– belonging and leadership.

The report included extensive input from service providers, community groups, business community and local government.

The next job is putting the report into action.

The report is online at

Anyone interested in learning how to contribute directly, is urged to contact the foundation at