Michaelmas: A Numinous Feast for All Angels set for Sept. 27

What do the Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan and the 16th-century cathedral organist William Byrd have in common?

They, along with a host of composers and songwriters over the past thousand years—composers including Thomas Weelkes, Olivier Messiaen, Barrie Cabena and Paul Simon—have written music that relates man’s experience to the angelic realm. Sometimes written in response to times of great personal tragedy and loss, and sometimes in response to revelations that cannot be understood in worldly terms, their music has captivated the imaginations of audiences, and brought comfort to them in times of need or introspection.

On Sunday, Sept. 27, the Chestnut Hall Camerata will present a chamber music concert that will reclaim and refresh the colourful, centuries-old festival of Michaelmas, a feast that celebrates the archangel Michael and his defeat of Lucifer in the Biblical battle for the heavens.

In recounting the deeds and imagery of angels, the Camerata will weave together art songs, ballads, plainchant, polyphonic motets, verse anthems and popular songs (with both traditional and newly penned lyrics). The repertoire ranges from the medieval to modern, and is coupled with liturgy and poetry to express something of who and what we perceive angels to be.

A newly composed work by Waterloo Region’s Juno-nominated composer, Timothy Corlis (based on a libretto by Tara Kathleen Murphy) will explore the nature of Lucifer and the angels as they struggle to capture the soul of the story’s heroine, Francesca.

A unique feature of the evening will be an Artist’s Portal, where the audience can journey through a gallery of works by Waterloo region contemporary painters, sculptors, and photographers who have been inspired by angels.

This event will provide an opportunity for the audience to explore stories and teachings from the Judeo-Christian, Muslim and occult traditions. It will be a forum for those who wish to engage with some of the world’s diverse religious traditions and their beliefs surrounding "God’s Messengers."

Please visit our website and blog for a video trailer for our concert, program information and a growing wealth of information about all things angelic.  www.chestnuthallmusic.com/camerata  |  bringersoflight.blogspot.com  |  www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZFmh5mcEss

The Chestnut Hall Camerata, under the artistic direction of Daniel Cabena, is: Daniel Cabena (alto), Earl McCluskie (producer, sound design), Terry McKenna (lute), and Kevin Rammesar (guitar), with special guests: Leonard Enns (conductor), Matt Cassils (baritone), Katherine Hill (soprano), Brandon Leis (tenor), Alyssa Lichti (soprano), and Barrie Cabena (organ), Paul Shilton (piano), Jonathan Glidden (cello), Graham Hargrove (percussion), Kathryn Ladano (clarinet), and Brent Rowan (sax). 

The following visual artists will present work at the concert: Graham Brown, Linda Hagan, M. Catherine Newcomb, Ada Hunsberger, Maria Chong Pike, Paul Roorda, and Monte Wright.

Other events including Brent Rowan:

September 10th, 9-11pm, Atmosphere-24 Carden street in Guelph, Duo with Jesse Turton on bass, Rowan on saxophone and effects.  We will be played two sets of original music as part of the Jazz around Town series for the Guelph Jazz Festival.

September 13th, 1:15pm, Downtown Guelph to St.George’s Church, the Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble will participate in a parade as part of the Guelph Jazz Festival’s Outstallations, visit www.guelphjazzfestival.com for more info.

September 18th, 9pm, Manhattan’s, 951 Gordon street, Guelph, $5, One Night Only with Jason Raso bass, Rob Hannam Keys, Steve Zuccala Percussion, Rowan on saxophone, reservations recommended, 519-767-2440, see attached poster.

September 19th, 10am, Conducting the Guelph Concert Band at the Official Guelph City Hall Opening, www.guelph.ca

September 19th, 8-11pm, Sole Restaurant in Waterloo, with the Jason Raso Trio.

September 20th, 12pm, Conducting Guelph Concert Band at the Scottish Festival, John McRae Legion, www.guelphconcertband.org

September 20th, 1:30-4:30pm, Eden Mills Writers festival with Jesse Turton bass, Terri Parker Keys, Rowan on sax, www.edenmillswritersfestival.ca

September 27th, 7pm, Michaelmus; A Numinous Feast for all Angels, $25/15, First United Church, 16 William street, Waterloo, www.chestnuthallmusic.com/camerata