Meals on Wheels adjusted services due to pandemic

CLIFFORD – Volunteers for the Clifford Community Meals on Wheels deliver hot, nutritious meals three days a week in the community of Clifford, with 487 meals served in 2020.

As it is impossible to host the normal in-person annual meeting, president Sharon Prieb offered a recap of the year as an up-to-date on the volunteer organization.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to alter our delivery service this past year,” Prieb explained.

“We began contactless delivery in March, but total lockdown came into effect and Gramma Jo’s Restaurant had to close. All meal recipients were contacted to ensure they had alternative ways to have meals available to them.”

On Aug. 12, Ross Derbecker resigned as meal coordinator at the executive meeting, and Phyllis Kaufman volunteered to take over this task. Because of this added responsibility, it was decided that Phyllis would be removed from the meal delivery roster and added to the spare driver pool. It was decided to resume delivery of meals in September. Currently, contactless service is being provided to the clients at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Patrick Mullan is the restaurant liaison contact and keeps in touch with Jen at Gramma Jo’s to see if there are any concerns regarding supplies, deliveries or price adjustments.

Several drivers retired this past spring: Lyle and Alieda Murray, Wes and Eleanore Gerber, Reinhard and Carol Lange, and Helen Braun-Kreller.

“We express gratitude for their many years of volunteering as drivers, as well as many other positions within the organization,” said Prieb

“Happily, we were able to find replacements for them. We offer thanks to Murray and Audrey Garrett, Sheila Campbell, Judy Dettman, Anne Dowler, Karen Dowler, Brian Harris, and Yvonne Williams for willingly filling these vacancies,” she added.

Three directors have decided to retire, so there are positions to be filled, along with the role of vice-president.

Anyone looking to volunteer or needing meal delivery or transportation services is urged to call and leave a message at 519-327-8899.