Masonic Lodge unveils new mosaic pavement

A special dedication ceremony was held recently at the Conestoga Masonic Lodge in Drayton. 

Local members of Lodge 295 were joined by Raymond Daniels, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the province of Ontario, and over 100 visiting Masons from throughout southwestern Ontario.

All present witnessed the unveiling of the new mosaic pavement installed in the floor of the lodge.

The construction and presentation of this particular mosaic pavement is the finished product of a continuing project.

Each new pavement is constructed entirely of wood, and fabricated by a group of past masters of the Hamilton district.

The mosaic pavements contain designs and symbols rich in Masonic history, and there are currently 28 identical pavements ornamenting lodges throughout the province.

In the past, the old mosaic pavement in Conestoga Lodge was a movable piece and had been at the heart of the Conestoga lodge room for over 80 years. It will be preserved in a frame and will continue to be a part of the history of the Lodge.

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