Mapleton memories

Perusing the pages of this week’s Community News was a little bit like a walk down memory lane.

The first thing that caught my eye was the photos of the 20th anniversary of the Drayton Youth Centre. I vividly recall vising the centre for the first time many years ago – my best estimation is about 13 or so – to interview officials for an article in this newspaper. Arriving at the centre, two things quickly became very clear: the adults in charge were dedicated volunteers striving to do good in their community; and the youths visiting the centre appreciated having somewhere positive to spend their time. This was before the proliferation of smart phones, and much has changed locally as well since that time. But I suspect those changes make the centre even more important for local youths, and it was great to see volunteerism is alive and well at this vital community hub.

It was also heartening to see Mapleton council last week approve four Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grants, allowing local businesses to complete various projects. Though it may not have been called a CIP at the time, I recall sitting through many council and staff discussions over a decade ago about ways to improve building facades in the downtown areas. Thankfully, township officials have not lost sight of that work. While some residents may question the use of taxpayer dollars for such programs, what can’t be denied is the boost to the local economy and community that these business improvements provide.

Another memory from years ago as a rookie reporter on the Mapleton beat is processing photos from the Custom Rodders Annual Car Show in Moorefield. It’s encouraging  to see this community event, the proceeds from which have benefitted local causes, carry on. Whether or not you’re a car person, there’s just something nostalgic about the sights and sounds of a car show – and particularly those run by such a close-knit and community-minded group.