Mapleton council accepts explanation of road costs

County Road 45 will again be maintained by township road crews this winter.

Council made that decision at its last November meeting after hearing a report from public works director Larry Lynch about how the county reimburses the township for the work.

Council received the request at its previous meeting but wanted to know if the proposed increase in payment was keeping pace with the high cost of such things as fuel and truck upkeep.

The work includes plowing and sanding, as well as routine patrolling of the road. Lynch explained to council it is no hardship for the township to do that work because the road connects to a pair of township roads, and road crews would have to travel on County Road 45 in order to drive from one township road to the other.

Lynch said in his report the maintenance in the Glen Allan area has been done for many years by Mapleton crews.

“The cost per kilometre is based on a number derived a number of years ago by the county operations manager, Paul Johnson,” Lynch said in his report.

In 2010-11, the total payment was $34,960 for the winter or $4,600 per kilometre.

Council then unanimously approved Lynch’s recommendation to receive the report and approve the cost of $4,800 per kilometre.