Mapleton cancels all public events in township due to COVID-19 concerns

MAPLETON – All public events in Mapleton township have been cancelled until further notice.

The township made the announcement on March 13 amid numerous closures and cancellations across Wellington County in response to COVID-19.

“We want to make sure the staff is safe and the public is safe and that we minimize the impact on our operations while keeping in mind everybody’s safety,” CAO Manny Baron said.

The cancellations include suspending rentals at any facilities including PMD Arena in Drayton, Moorefield Community Centre and the Alma Community Centre.

The township will re-assess the action on March 20.

On March 16 the township will be holding an Emergency Management Committee meeting to put a plan forward to make sure “operationally that Mapleton is well planned out and taken care of,” Baron said.

A decision regarding council meetings is expected then.

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