Maieron says he won”™t seek another term as Erin mayor

It seems Lou Maieron will not be seeking another term as Erin’s mayor.

In a recent statement, Maieron said his decision was made after “considerable thought and deliberation, and after consulting a wide spectrum of Erin residents.”

He stated, “I have decided for personal reasons not to put my name forward.”

That said, Maieron has not ruled out running for the Ward 9 position on Wellington County council, contending municipal experience and background knowledge are valuable assets.

“My supporters have suggested that I stay involved in municipal service and run for the position of county councillor,” stated Maieron.

“Perhaps that is a role I can play as well, to be that resource person, for Erin’s new council. I may just do that; I will give this possibility considered thought.”

Regardless, there will be a race in Erin, as former mayor Rod Finnie has filed his papers to go up against Allan Alls for the mayor’s job.