Magpie coming to Guelph Dec. 20

GUELPH – Magpie is coming to Guelph for a concert at Onyx later this month.

Guelph-based Magpie has an indie folk rock sound with multiple harmonies, warm uke, intermingling guitar riffs, and a musical saw sweetening the soundscape – with a guest trumpet on this album.  

They formed in 2012 and High Plains is their second full length album. 

It follows the 2020 EP Yes Phase and 2018’s You Only Live Twice. Magpie is a band of singer-songwriters and vocalists including Marnie McCourty (uke, saw, vox), Grant Macleod (guitar, vox), Anna Bowen (guitar, vox), Dave Snider (bass, vox) and Scott Haynes (drums). Their new album High Plains is out now.

Hungry Lake, a psychedelic folk-rock band from Toronto, will open the show.

The show takes place Dec. 20 at 2pm at Onyx, 12 Wyndham St. N. in Guelph. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at