Local women start ‘Share your Silver Lining’ social media campaign

Claire Knight and Jenn Price encourage local residents to share positive experiences during a very trying time

FERGUS – Enough with the negative, say Claire Knight and Jenn Price. It’s time we all take a look at our lives during COVID-19 and find the positive.

And so the women – a realtor and mortgage broker in Fergus, respectively – started a social media campaign, “Share Your Silver Lining… Save a Life,” that allows people to share their stories and photos about the positive ways this past year has impacted them, their community or the world.

“Mental health challenges have been experienced by many, and many of us continue to deal with these very real anxieties and struggles,” Knight said in an email.

“One of the things that we know now is that ‘It is okay to not be okay.’”

She added, “But along with the challenges of the past year have come so many beautiful things that never would have happened if it wasn’t for us being forced to change the way we live and look at the world.

“Many of us have had the time to deal with things that have built up dust in the back of our minds and closets for months, or even years.

“We have decluttered, learned, grown and blossomed in many ways as individuals, communities and families.”

Posting stories is a positive way to deal with the uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic and reading the stories of others can be inspiring, Knight and Price say.

The pair hopes to raise awareness for mental health programs and funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association. They set a goal of raising $2,500 over the next eight weeks.

Here’s how it works. There is no charge for posting and sharing your story. They can be posted to the Facebook page “Share Your Silver Lining” or on Instagram with the hashtag #ShareYourSilverLining.

But they are accepting donations to the CMHA through their social media platforms.

Each week there will be a prize donated by a local business and the winner will be selected from story contributors and folks who donate to the CMHA.

Participating businesses include: Fancy That Cake, Vienna Hair Salon and Spa, Fraberts Fine Foods, Epiphany, Jammed Lovely, Staci Barron Pottery, Elora Distillery, Jaboli, local authors and others.

After eight weeks, everyone who has donated or shared their story will be entered into the final draw with a prize package from The Elora Mill, which includes an overnight stay at the Mill, breakfast and a $200 Spa Day Package.

“Every one of us has had a unique experience when it came to how we were faced with having to adapt to the new and unpredictable world around us,” Knight wrote.