Local roads need support regardless of who uses them

While the impact of logging trucks to local roads is not an issue in Wellington North, councillors here can certainly empathize with the plight of other municipalities.
On Monday night, councillors were asked for support by the Township of Greater Madawaska for help in dealing with the impact to local roads as a result of logging on crown lands.
The letter to council ex­plained that logging companies use municipal roads to draw logs, and that causes wear and tear on them.
As a result, that municipality is asking the province to establish a system where stump­age fees paid to the pro­vince so it can compensate local municipalities for local roads.
Councillor Ross Chaulk said he empathizes with that municipality’s plight because the situation is similar to Wellington County municipalities dealing with the impact of gravel trucks on local roads.
Mayor Mike Broomhead agreed, stating that township roads are used and local municipalities are left responsible for the upkeep. Council later offered its support.