Local cow wins big award from Jersey Canada

Mary Brander, 10, of Rockwood is pretty proud of her cow Naughty Nostalgia.

The Jersey heifer, previously owned by the Branders of Brandervale Farms and the Alexanders of Alexvale Farms, has won three awards from Jersey Canada recently. Naughty Nostalgia was named the 2015 All Canadian Champion Heifer, All Canadian 4-H Calf and All Canadian Intermediate Calf.

Tyler Brander said it was the heifer’s confirmation that led it to win these awards as well as numerous other awards from the Royal Winter Fair and the World Dairy Expo.

Mary led Naughty Nostalgia in her 4-H club in 2015. She said the cow was “friendly.”

She added she was generally well behaved, “but sometimes in the rain she wasn’t very happy.”

The Branders and Alexanders sold the cow to Milk Source Genetics of the United States.

“It makes you feel good knowing that she’s gone to a place that’s going to be able to allow her to fulfill her potential,” said Tyler.