Local church taking part in “˜Proclamation”™

In a joint effort to encourage the reading of the Bible, churches of many Christian denominations and the Canadian Bible Society have launched Proclamation.  

Proclamation is the public reading aloud of the entire Bible over a ten-day period for approximately 12 hours each day. Each year, the Society’s goal is to proclaim God’s message in as many communities as possible across Canada.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Fergus is hosting Proclamation Oct. 28 to Nov. 6.  

Participation of all Christians, regardless of denomination, language, race or any other potential characteristic of discrimination are welcome.

Proclamation began in Quebec. Over two hundred readers came together in 1995 to read the Holy Scriptures in 12 different languages. It has been growing ever since.

Locally, Proclamation has been celebrated in several locations including Fergus/Elora, Brantford, Hanover and Guelph.

On Wednesday morning Proclamation was to begin with Ashley Woods, Cecil Wolfe and Mayor Kelly Linton reading for the first hour. 

The readings were to continue for the remainder of the day until 7pm, and to begin again on Thursday morning at 7am.

This will continue until the complete Bible has been read by Nov. 6, when there will be a Festival of Praise celebrating the Word with singing, testimonies and fellowship at 7pm in the hall at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church with a relaxed coffee house style setting. All are welcome to listen, read, and celebrate.

For more information or to sign up to read contact Ruth Sproule at ruth.sproule@sympatico.ca or 519-843-5863, or John Agar at johnfourjc@gmail.com or 519-843-2079.