Lions Clubs; trail group partner for rest seating

The Elora-Cataract Trail­way Association, in conjunc­tion with the Grand River Conservation Authority, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and six local area Lions Clubs, has announced the official launch of Project BOOT (for Benches On Our Trail).

The initiative developed over the past year and is charg­ed with the sale, installation, and maintenance of standard­ized benches along the length of the Elora-Cataract Trail.

In their respective roles, each agency will be responsible for portions of the program.

The  Lions Clubs will sell, install and maintain the ben­ches while the other participat­ing partners will be defining suitable locations and assist with other essential support services. The addition of these resting areas provided by the benches is a welcome addition to the trail and to its enjoyment.

Representatives from Lions Clubs in Elora, Fergus, Bel­wood, Marsville, Hills­burgh and Erin were at the Fergus Lions Home Show on May 6 to make the presentation to Trailway representatives.

A portion of the price of the benches will be used to provide an annual review of bench con­ditions and to help pay for repairs where necessary, thus ensuring the benefits from the project for years to come.

To purchase a bench, as a commemorative or otherwise, contact a member of a local Lions Club or call 519-843-7011.

The Elora-Cataract Trail­way Association, a volunteer organization, promotes and advocates for the development, use and enjoyment of the trail­way. Lions Clubs International, composed. of over 1.4 million members worldwide, is the largest non-governmental ser­vice organization in the world. The Grand River Conservation Authority and the Credit Valley Conservation Authority are the official management agencies responsible for the railway right-of-way that defines the trailway.