Archived Letter – 997

Dear Editors:

Kathleen Wynne is definitely a magician!!!
First, she raises hydro prices by 5.5%. Then she gives us a rebate of about $5 on the Debt Retirement Charge. At the same time, Ms. Wynne deletes the “Ontario Clean Energy” rebate of about $35. It happened so fast, I was absolutely dazzled!! Now here’s her very best trick. She is going to help the “low income” and socially assisted people with their energy bills!! Poof and their bills are lower!! No doubt the money saved by the low income people on their energy bills will be deducted from their social assistance cheques…..hmmmm. A trick like this would have made it onto the Ed Sullivan Show!! Amazing — except the public slowly figured out her ploy. The public finally realized that the lower energy bills for the lower income families will by subsidized by the general public…you and me. Having owned several houses rented to low income (usually on social assistance) families, I have seen first hand the use of their discretionary money on such things as pets, pizza, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
I guess the taxation level on the above is greater than the net income made on the sale of hydro-electricity…Ms. Wynne has performed magic again!! She has created money!!

Jim McClure
Crieff, Ontario

Jim McClure