Archived Letter – 992

Dear Editors;

The observation by Councilor Roth and his colleagues regarding under-utilized capacity at the ice pad is not rocket science. The realization and subsequent wishes regarding the MURF displease and bewilder me.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to the Advertiser regarding the general public apathy that abounds today. A few years ago, I wrote regarding the SMURF and wondered why we had a “Sideless Multi Use Recreational Facility.” Many probably disregarded those comments. So now we have a council “struggling” with the trivial decision to form a committee themselves or slough it off onto the “overburdened” recreation group. The decision itself should have been quite simple; but their study is of great importance and their wishes could very well be impossible as the SMURF exists.

Firstly, I suggest Mr. Roth review the marketing plan (hopefully) formulated long before the construction began. The facility, most graciously supplied by the Optimist Club, is a shining star within our Township.

Secondly, certainly Mr. Roth has studied the population demographics of our Township to discern whether there is the consumer base to support his wishes. This information can be obtained with the push of a button.

All of us have observed the world wide conferences on climate warming. Weather records are readily available on the internet. Having said this and referring to my earlier comments that questioned the “SMURF”, I would humbly suggest Mr. Roth change his line of thinking. Doubtless the SMURF was engineered and constructed to readily accept generic side panels. In conclusion, instead of wondering whether to promote ball hockey, basketball or indoor soccer, simplify the entire matter and put walls on our facility to accommodate whatever sport or activity,
regardless of the dependency on the weather. As an example, there could be an exact beginning and end for the ball hockey. There could be an exact start to a hockey or skating season.

I avail myself to council to decide “WALLS OR NO WALLS!” A pretty simple decision.

Jim McClure, Crieff

Jim McClure