Archived Letter – 868

Dear Editor;
Diamond removal in Aberfoyle.
Council’s meanderings and Cameron Tuck’s letter regarding the removal of baseball diamonds from our main Community
Centre bring several questions to mind.
First, the comment reiterated by Mr. Tuck states that our
consultant foresees too much traffic congestion in the area.
I guess if the diamonds were removed and the games played in
Morriston and Badenoch, there would be less traffic congestion….maybe the consultant should realize that the
latter two facilities are on 2-lane roads, not a 4-lane road
as is the case in Aberfoyle. Actually, this traffic congestion would be a moot point if some council members, who promised the Morriston bypass, fulfilled their dreams.
Finally, Council’s idea to tear up two baseball diamonds in the heart of our community is not “Progressing Together.”

Jim McClure,

Jim McClure