Archived Letter – 824

It was disappointing to read in this journal about MP Michael Chong toeing the party line when he responded to real concerns of his constituents regarding Bill C-51, which attempts to ride roughshod over the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The bill, denounced by many groups and individuals for its invasion of privacy and lack of oversight, probably will not survive a Charter challenge. It does however attempt to distract Canadians from the real issues of incompetence from PM Harper’s Conservative Party: dismal economic performance and ballooning national debt, trashing of environmental regulation, muzzling of government scientists, the enrichment of large corporations at the expense of the middle class, and the decline of Canada’s reputation on the world stage.

Notwithstanding the tragic deaths of Canadian soldiers at the hands of self radicalized, unbalanced individuals, there is no sound reasoning for the provisions of Bill C-51. Adequate powers already exist under current law, as has been shown most recently by the Canadian Bar Association, representing the legal community in this country.

We should not be distracted from the real issues of concern in Canada by the fear mongering of PM Harper and his adherents.

Ian D. Martin