Archived Letter – 812

28 February
Letter to the Editor,
Thursday last was a cold evening but I was warmed thoroughly by the outstanding efforts of the members of the Concerned Residents Coalition and their very professional presentation to a packed house at Eden Mills Community Centre.
The meeting began on time and for the next hour and a half I was provided with a clear and profound description of the numerous perils that will occur if the Guelph/Eramosa Council approves the application for a quarry at 6th Line and Highway 7 operated by James Dick Limited.
Speakers gave the 150 plus audience of which I was part, the background regarding the numerous delegations to GET Council over the last year and a half. They covered, blasting impacts, hydrology, species at risk, loss of property value, and one subject that really concerns me is health and safety. Health because of air pollution from dust and exhaust fumes and safety because of the proposed twelve hour operation with a dump truck either departing or entering 6th Line every 2 minutes!
There was no representation from GET staff or Council. Apparently the Township lawyer recommended that they not attend as that might indicate partisanship. However, much to their credit, Mayor Rick Bonnette, several of his Council and also Councillor Lunau from Milton attended and, in fact, spoke to the crowd. I was impressed and also greatly appreciate the fact that they understand that the effect of this quarry does indeed cross Highway 7.
I am writing this letter because it is important for all the readers to understand how the residents of Guelph Eramosa Township must take their concerns to their Councillors as they hold office to REPRESENT the constituents. It is the constituents that do not want this quarry.

Bert Zonneveld

Bert Zonneveld