Archived Letter – 565

Dear Editor,

East Wellington Community Services has a lot to be thankful for this year and for all of those in our community who help us along the way so we can continue to provide the many programs and services within our communities that we serve. We could not provide the many programs and services within East Wellington without the dedication, energy and support of our volunteers who generously contribute more than 9,000 hours each year to our agency. To each and every one of our volunteers – thank you – your enthusiasm for our agency means so much.
Without the generous support of our community, East Wellington Community Services would not be able to thrive and provide programming to meet the needs of our clients and community. Thank you for your continued support and generosity of spirit so that we can continue to grow to meet the needs in the community with programs and services. To our funding and community partners – thank you for your ongoing support. To our local media – thank you for your continued coverage of our agency so that we can continue to let the community know about our programs, services and events. Lastly, thank you to our clients – you help us grow, share laughter with us, inspire us and motivate us by letting us know how our programs and services are making a difference for you and in the greater community.

May everyone in our community enjoy a happy Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family and know that East Wellington Community Services could not do what we do every day without you.

Thank you, East Wellington!

Erika Westcott