Archived Letter – 564

I know its the time of year to be harvesting fields and the farmers are on the roads with their tractors and equipment. For the last couple of months I have seen a fair share of tractors hugging the roads especially on highways with theirs fast moving traffic and suddenly have to do under 80 cause the operator of the tractor won’t pull over onto the shoulder and tie up traffic and than when you go past they decide to turn without any notice, that’s how tractor accidents happen with cars. I’m not being rude all I’m asking is for farmers to use the shoulder when theirs all kinds of cars behind them or coming up behind and also not talking on the cell phones. Also its hard to see if its safe to pass cause they are hauling two or more attachments that are swaying back and forth on the road. Shoulders are meant to be used when theirs traffic or coming traffic up behind them.

nathan w