Archived Letter – 563

St. Joseph Catholic School was privileged to experience Ryan Laird’s message first hand. All the children were enthralled with Ryan’s music and important anti-bullying message. The combination of music, his story, and their opportunity to speak about bullying and their dreams was a winning combination.

As a parent, I am focused on keeping my girls happy, healthy, and safe. His message incorporated all three. True happiness is living your dreams and never allowing negative people to prevent you from following your dream; whether it is becoming a country music sensation or a veterinarian. Healthy relationships with our children open the lines of communication when something happens outside of our home. Our children will be open to telling family, friends, teachers and coaches if something happens, because they know that someone will listen. He stressed how crucial it is to tell if you are being bullied. It was amazing to see the amount of children that stepped up on stage and were vocal about a bullying experience. I know through talking about these issues, our children will be safe, because they will have the resources to speak up and they will know that we, as a community, will keep them safe.

Christine Veit