Archived Letter – 557

Dear Editor,

I have been going to the Fergus Fall Fair for the last 30+ years. I feel the committee has done an outstanding job because I know what it’s like to put that kind of a show on. However I was very disappointed in the garden tractor pull this year because it wasn’t for my own feelings being hurt it was the little pullers (ages 6-16) that couldn’t compete due to overwhelming rules. There was no 650lbs class that is an affordable class for the younger generations to pull in which one day we are hoping they will be the ones taking over the pulling fever for us. I see that the stands were not as full as the Fergus Truck Show because many were turned way from pulling. We were wondering if there could be a local class put in for the garden tractors like you have done with the trucks for the junior competitors. I am curious to know where the money comes from for the sanctioned pull when two years ago a group of locals started this pull they were scraping together funds to have this event. Feelings were hurt that day not only by the young competitors and their families but by me also.

Harvey Miller
Alma Ont.

Harvey Miller