Archived Letter – 546

I recently attended the first concert of the Lucas Rogerson 2013 Streetlight Tour at The Century Church Theatre in Hillsburgh. It was a great evening of music put together and hosted by singer/songwriter Lucas Rogerson.

The first act was an amazing guitarist by the name of Ed Le Blanc. He plays a special kind of eight string guitar and performed several songs he had written himself. He is one of only five or six people in Canada who is able to play this very difficult instrument, so it was an opportunity to see something I’d never seen before. He was followed by Kent MacMillan of Guelph’s Max Bent Band. Kent performed several of his own songs. He put on an excellent performance. The third act of the evening was Joni NehRita, a very talented singer/songwriter who leans toward Soul and Jazz music. She is also an accomplished music teacher. She was accompanied by Adam Bowman on the Cajon Drum, another very interesting musical instrument.

After an intermission Lucas Rogerson, a Guelph native, took the stage. He performed several songs he wrote himself. For some songs he performed solo, and for others he was accompanied by musicians from the first part of the show. He was also accompanied by Kevin Brown, who played the Saxophone, Keyboards and Bass Guitar during the performance. Speaking to Kevin after the show I discovered he plays over ten musical instruments. What talent!

Something I really enjoyed also was being able to meet and chat with the artists during the intermission and after the show. They were all very humble and appreciative of the people who came to see the show. My only disappointment was how few people there were in the audience. All these artists exhibited great talent both as performers and as songwriters. All are Canadians who live nearby, and I really wish there had been more people there to support them, and Canadian musicians in general. Be sure to catch this tour when it comes to a concert hall near you. It will be time well spent.

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