Archived Letter – 545

I was admiring the beautiful pictures of the Osprey family on page 9 of your last edition and became quite sad. You see, wpd Canada is intending to erect bird killing wind turbines near those nests and I fear the lifespan of these majestic Belwood Osprey will be cut very short. These birds have no conception of the danger they face as the blades, travelling at over 300 km/hr at the tip, will slice and dice any bird or bat that flies into their path.
If you are a person that supports wind turbines, you also say that it’s OK to kill these beautiful creatures while letting some company get rich on subsidies you’re paying them. The electric power is not needed so it seems that the horrible deaths of these birds will be totally unnecessary. It leaves me wondering how many Osprey will dare to nest in this area in the future or if the species itself will survive the onslaught of the Ontario killing machines. So sad.

Robert Service