Archived Letter – 536

Open Letter to Centre Wellington Public Works Department

Recently I travelled along Jones Base Line starting at Mill Road. You can imagine my surprise to see that this road, while not in terrible shape, had been repaved which must be such a delight to the few dozen or so cars that use it from time to time. I’ve travel it occasionally and have never met nor passed more than two or three cars, not matter what time of day. I’m sure these drivers appreciate your concern for their driving well-being. Second line beginning at Tower Road is being upgraded as well, an also, all-in-all, not too bad a road.
Thank goodness you do not see fit to do repave 5th Line leading to Maple Leaf Acres even though, during the summer, the approximate 503 summer occupied units of Maple Leaf Acres, (close to one-half of which reside there all year round and this of course does not include the guests of those units) use 5th Line as well as those homes along 5th Line and cottages at the end of 5th Line (during the summer months) and you can’t begin to image the joy we get driving this 5th Line obstacle course multiple times on a daily basis. Driving from shoulder to shoulder is such a fund game. Nearly colliding with another vehicle while avoiding potholes, reminds me of the game “chicken” played by vehicle owners in the 50s. Another game we play is “wonder which potholes were lucky enough to get filled this go round”, or “how the heck did they miss that one”. It’s a hoot to drive over the occasionally newly filled potholes and watch the asphalt come out after only a couple of days, thankfully due to the lack of tamping down associated with filling such potholes. We are also encouraging everyone to join in, in making bets on just how quickly the shoulders of the roads are receding.
I’m sure that the various propane, oil and other delivery vehicles must enjoy this sport as well!
It such a relief to know that Centre Wellington is spending our taxes so wisely, especially since Maple Leaf Acres pays an enormous tax bill each year yet receive so little in return f, as we pay for our own garbage and recycling disposal, street lights, internal roads, water and sewage.
Thanks again for the taking such good care of our roads and for such sound judgments being made by your administrators.

P.S. Can’t wait to see what new games we’ll come up with!

Deb Parliament