Archived Letter – 530

Dear Editor,

Recently, my son was denied entry onto his school bus because he had his skateboard with him. According to the policy of the Transportation Consortium, of which the Upper Grand District School Board is a member, ice skates and hockey sticks are okay but not skateboards. Rural children wishing to use the skate park in town must therefore be driven to school. This policy not only is discriminatory against rural children by denying them easy access to things in town that we have all paid for with our taxes, but also flies in the face of environmental concerns. How are we to lessen our carbon footprint when such policies are in place? In order to change any part of the transportation policy, all 5 school boards that make up the Consortium must agree to it, a near impossible feat. Anyone in Wellington County with issues regarding busing policies is urged to contact their local school trustee.

Janine Morin,
Town of Erin

Janine Morin