Archived Letter – 527

Wrong message sent by Fergus O.P.P.
I was watching the CTV Kitchener news last night (Friday 14 June)and caught the story about the young lad from an Elora Public School being struck by a car.
When did the O.P.P. start actively creating “photo ops” to enhance their image? Why would anyone at the O.P.P., the child’s school or even his parents think that rewarding the kid with a signed Penguins shirt was a good idea? What about the driver of the car that struck him? Who is looking after her?
What about the two children that are still in hospital from that horse and buggy accident the other night? What are the O.P.P. going to do for them?
Perhaps this is an attempt by the local command of the O.P.P. to create a good news story. Use your heads boys and pick a more appropriate subject.
Clive Hubbard

Clive Hubbard