Archived Letter – 525

Dear Dr. Petrov,

It has recently come to our family’s attention that you have decided to move on from your medical practice and are choosing to put your personal health and your family first. I am sure that it is a challenging decision, with many emotions attached, but for making it, I applaud you.

Since my wife and I first moved to the area almost 12 years ago you have answered our questions, listened to our concerns, examined our children, calmed our fears and protected our family’s health. For that, I appreciate you.

You have undoubtedly put in long hours covering our community’s emergency room, planning for our soon-to-be-built hospital, spear-heading doctor recruitment, promoting healthy living in our community and putting yourself and your family second to look after ours first. For that, I thank you.

As a physician who understands the science behind the medicine, you have bravely fought and beaten the perils of cancer. You have done so with all of the grace you could garner, the courage you could command and the maturity you could muster. For that, I respect you.

However, most importantly, you have taught us a lesson which should never be forgotten. You have reminded us that healthcare has a heart. One that beats loudly and proudly yet needs love and protection. You have reminded us all of the fragility of life, and the need to appreciate it. You have shown us that healing not only happens through practitioners, but also through the practice of faith in a God of miracles. For that, I will remember you.

As your letter to your patients so beautifully read, “God has blessed me with the most wonderful patients, the most incredible partners, and a beautiful family. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.” As grateful patients of yours, neither could we. May God richly bless and protect you and your family as you have so richly blessed and protected ours and those of our community.


Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce