Archived Letter – 520

(To the editor: I feel very strong about this and reading that article was very upsetting. I think it would be good for people to read this. But I would really prefer to not have my name,or at least my last name published if possible if you choose to publish my letter, thank-you)
I am writing in response to the article about the neighbours complaining about the barking dogs at Ontario Nutri Lab. I worked at the facility for a total of almost ten years. I no longer work there due to having little ones at home, but I think about those dogs everyday and miss them dearly. What did I and every other worker there look forward to everyday coming into work? That we got to spend time with these beautiful dogs. Those dogs are the sweetest, most lovable dogs in the world. And the workers of course love being able to give them the hour or so a day that they look so forward to, going outside in fresh air! Seriously every single one of those dogs love their time outside. They get the interaction to play with each other, pool time and toys. And if more barriers get put over the runs, they’ll basically be in a cave. They can’t be kept inside. That would not be fair to them at all. They would be so depressed. If people could only see the love and excitement on their faces when they get to go outside….I also want to point out that that neighbour called every single day, a lot of the time more than once. No matter who picked up the telephone, they got an ear-full without even being able to put in a word. The dogs don’t go out early in the day and they are all in by the late afternoon (normal business hours). It is the same thing as having a home by a factory, except a lot of the factories produce noise 24-7. As well as they don’t get to go out on Sundays (which is very sad). I have stood in front of the neighbouring houses while the dogs are outside and it is not loud at all, extremely distant (and the majority of the time you can’t hear anything). It would be so devastating and heartbreaking to see the dogs not be able to go outside anymore. They would be so severely depressed. How could anyone want to do that to them?

Sheena Martell