Archived Letter – 519

CUSTOMER SERVICE – should we still expect it?
Recently my husband, Alex and I moved to the Kenilworth area (between Mount Forest and Arthur) where we purchased a lovely home on a small acreage. Only one thing was missing – an implement shed.
After checking out several steel building websites and speaking with representatives, we chose Future Steel Buildings out of Mississauga. Kyle Spellman, our rep with the company bent over backwards to assist us in our purchase. We made several changes, adding colour to the front of our building, a man door, base plates, etc. Each time we asked for additional accessories or made any changes, Kyle cheerfully helped us out as economically as possible.
He made revisions which were faxed to us promptly, sent engineered drawings via Fedex which we received within days of speaking with him. Any questions asked were promptly answered and in many cases, photos or drawings were emailed, faxed or sent by mail or courier in a timely fashion.
Then the unforeseen emergency happened! Our finished basement flooded and because of a technicality, insurance did not cover the expenses! We were on the hook for everything! We called Kyle at Future Steel Buildings, explained the situation and he got immediate approval for an additional 2 months’ storage before we had to have the shed delivered. That meant that the money for the shed could be freed up to pay for the unexpected expenses incurred by the “flood”. Kyle was sincerely sympathetic and told us if there was anything else he could help us with, to let him know. Kyle – thank you so much for all your help!

Another company, Highland Restoration (Guelph) showed exemplary customer service as well. When we found out insurance wasn’t going to pay our claim for the flood in our basement, we looked for a company who would economically help us out as quickly as possible. Highland Restoration was given a wonderful recommendation, so we gave them a call.
The receptionist was friendly and very helpful. Within 30 minutes, Darrell had called us and agreed to do an on-site inspection and quote for our flooded basement. He was in Flesherton at the time and within 45 minutes of speaking with him on the phone, was at our door. He gave us a fair quote and called his crew (who were in nearby Arthur) and within 20 minutes, they were at our home.
Eric and Kevin (the crew) were personable, professional and extremely fast at doing their job. Within 4 hours, they had taken out all the furniture in our large rec room, moved out dressers and a bed in our downstairs bedroom and everything out of our crawl space. Then they proceeded to take out and dispose of the soaked under pad, removed the baseboard and cut out 2 to 2-1/2” of wet drywall as well as sprayed a natural anti-mold spray to help with mold, mildew and the smell that had started to permeate our home. Next they brought in their equipment, lifted the carpet and arranged 10 industrial fans and 2 industrial dehumidifiers strategically to “float” the carpet. These were left for 3 days to dry the carpet, floor and drywall. Eric and Kevin returned, picked up their equipment, cleaned up the site and left. All this, while remaining pleasant and accommodating! Great job – well done, guys!
What a breath of fresh air these two companies have been to work with. It’s wonderful to know, in this day and age, that Customer Service is still alive and well.
Many thanks to Kyle (Future Steel Buildings), as well as Darrell, Eric and Kevin (Highland Restoration)!

Wendy Smith