Archived Letter – 517

Dear Mr. Editor;

The inadvertant brilliance of Andrea Horvath is overwhelming !!!! Mrs. Horvath has stated that she will single-handedly re-elect the provincial Liberal party.
Bless her heart !!
Ms. Wynne and her band has unequivocally confirmed that
moral virtues neither exist nor are required in this province. e.g. E-Health, Ornge and the cancelled generators. There was no mention of integrity, responsibility or morality when Mrs. Horvath stated that she would support the latest Liberal budget; but, was she blind to her own brilliance……
With our very own Premier solely and unilaterally
advocating HOV lanes and public accountancy in regards to the proposed budget, all the need for human virtue and moral accountability was abolished. And now that she has confirmed and condoned the abandonment of these precious
traits, let’s look at how brilliant the two party leaders
really are. Just think of the “billions” of dollars we will save now that these moral virtues need not be taught in Ontario schools. Fewer classrooms, fewer teachers !!!
Oh the brilliance that lurks within !!
Praise the Lord and praise Andrea Horvath for her support
of the Liberal budget.

Jim McClure
Crieff, Ontario.

Jim McClure