Archived Letter – 514

Dear Editor

How can anyone be dumbfounded at the ineptitude and arrogance of Charleston Homes? We have come to expect this type of blatant disregard for standard construction practices and the “don’t worry, it will be fine” attitude that has plagued this development. I’m no engineer but even I know that when sewage hits a T in the pipe, some of it will go on both directions. When this happens, some of the solids get left behind dry out and stick, causing blockages. Even the Romans knew this over a thousand years ago. This is plumbing 101. How Charleston thinks it’s ok is beyond me. I urge all council members to force Charleston to tear up their roads and build the sewers to code without any compromises. They should also be ordered to pay for a complete, thorough inspection of everything else they have done out there. It’s not a matter of If something else is wrong, it’s What. After the township assumes responsibility for the subdivision there is no way that any of us want to pay to fix what wasn’t built right in the first place. If the township allows any compromises we will remember it at election time.

I do not believe the arrogance of Charleston to ask for a reduction in their letter of credit to the township at the very same meeting. Had I been at that meeting, once I stopped laughing and picked myself up off the floor I would have grabbed Kuiken and Mulder by the ears, thrown them out and asked council to double the letter of credit. In fact I am asking them to double it because we can’t trust Charleston to build an outhouse.

Marty Durksen