Archived Letter – 512

Dear Editor: Regarding Mr.Carney’s letter ‘Long Term Stratagy'(May 3). While it is important to question the ‘wisdom’ and ‘facts’ of Mr. Flanagan et al’s letters concerning energy costs (Apr 26) it is equally important to learn if they are right. They are.
The wholesale price of electricity in Ontario for april was 3.1cents/kWhr. The price of renewable energy ranged from 16 to 82 cents. Other than governmentally mandated largess, who can afford to pay up to 25 times market value for an indistinguishable product? The price of natural gas has dropped by 75% since 2006, from 42 to 11 cents/cubic meter… all because of hydraulic fracturing. These are financial facts.
Comparing these realities to a fictitious, hypothetical thermogeddon future is disingenuous. Real world evidence surely should trump fearmongering. Consider these realities…
Major huricanes (Cat3+) striking America are at an all time low, 7 1/2 years and counting since the last one. Tornadoes over the last 12 months are also at historic lows. Forrest fires are currently 50% below decadal trends. World wheat production peaked in 2011 and looks to be identical to 2013 forcasts. Polar bear populations have increased by 500% since the 1950’s. Oceans have been rising since North America’s paleo-ancestors came here across the Bering land bridge. Additionally, Mr. Carney, earthquakes and tsunami have nothing to do with climate. Even so, the human death toll due to natural disasters is 1/100th what it was a century ago. Google Norman Borlaug to learn why humanity hasn’t starved.
Perhaps “true wisdom is looking farther down the road” but common sense say’s look at the here and now first.

Jeff Cormack