Archived Letter – 511

In response to Mr. Carney’s letter:

Being aware of the fact that I am producing ink for Mr. Adsett at no cost, I still must reply to your letter
questioning the wisdom of several submissions last week.
Firstly, my letter questioned the billion dollar blunders
of the current Liberal Government and how they wasted that
amount of money with no results. No wisdom was required on anyone’s behalf to ascertain the stupidity and skullduggery therein. No “true wisdom” was needed to figure out the ridiculous submission of the ruling government to the arbitrary measure of disloyalty and subsequently to the people of Ontario by cancelling the gas plants.
Secondly, the greatest display of wisdom occurred in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Lyman Frank Baum. The great Oz realized that there was no tomorrow without the price to be paid for today. No one knows if world ocean levels will rise, polar ice caps will melt or if our mean planet temperatures will increase. We need energy, energy of a good sort agreed, and we need it now; however, if we bankrupt our province with billion dollar blunders, the cleanest, most wise energy in the universe will not help
the millions who will suffer the demise. Wisdom will not allow us to consider the future if there be no future. All the wisdom of Solomon, all the wisdom of tomorrow won’t help us if we cannot survive today. There “is no wisdom in the grave.” Ecclesiastes. To infer that the financial wellbeing of any state is irrelevant, if the state must succumb to improper tactics, is ridiculous.
Finally, worrying about the uncontrolable environmental actions of a government is imprudent; better to control the concrete finances and remain solvent and accountable to the people so that there can be a future.

Jim McClure,

Jim McClure