Archived Letter – 506

Dear Editor:

With the cost of hydro these days it amazes me that there could ever be a power outage. You would think that all the power lines would be underground or at least on hydro poles that are made out of titanium and gold plated no less! So why do we thank thee for restoring the power to thousands when it seems to me that that is their duty? Besides which all the workers were probably paid accordingly (double-time I’m guessing?). I know what your thinking, what an ungrateful sourpuss! I’m not. I am very grateful that the power was restored in good time. I’m also very thankful that this experience has changed my preparedness. I just don’t want to sing the praises of the very company that overcharges everyone in the first place. What the good folks of Hydro One did after the ice storm was almost to be expected in the age of electricity. Just as what the good folks in the hospital do in the emergency ward and the good folks in our schools do in the classroom. It’s in the job description. On another note though, I would like to thank Hydro One in advanced. I want to thank them for not having this ice storm fiasco reflected on my bill. Thank you for not giving me an ice storm compensation charge, and thank you for not finding a way to tack that on the delivery charge. Thank you!

doug vanderveen