Archived Letter – 505

Dear Editor;
Re: Ontario Hydro

When a business fails, intelligent entrepreneurs do not repeat the same mistake. Ontario Hydro tried and failed
a second time; however, before they could piss away more than a billion dollars, they imploded and succumbed to the
protests of voters. To remain unbiased, I will not mention
Ornge and E-Health, a couple other billion dollar blunders.

The cancellation of the Natural Gas/Hydro generating plants
cost Ontarians approximately a billion dollars. Now, let’s
look at the necessity of those plants: I sit here in Crieff
still paying for Hydro’s debt from the last millenium, paying delivery charges of $150/month for $40 worth of electricty and watching Hydro raise prices twice this month. I heat with oil because it is the most economical
type of heat available. A quick study of heating methods
reveals that natural gas is most efficient, oil next, then
electricity followed by propane.

I guess the idea of supplying rural Ontario with natural
gas was somehow overlooked when it came to spending a
billion dollars. “And mighty above all things, Hydro.”

Assuredly, supplying numerous communities in southern Ontario with natural gas lines would do three things:
1) Provide a cheaper source of power
2) Relief from the unilateral use of electricity.
3) Ensure thousands of fewer government employees.
Residences that now use hydro to cook, heat, and dry clothes
could use natural gas instead, thereby relieving the drain
on the current grid and preclude the construction of the
billion dollar generating stations.

Before our provincial government racks up another couple
billion dollars of debt, let’s get the real entrepreneurs
to put their hands in their pockets and provide Ontarians
with alternative sources of energy.

Jim McClure
Crieff, Ontario

Jim McClure