Archived Letter – 502

Re: Chris Daponte’s article on the racoon and poisoning, I’d like to add that people who set out “baits” should consider they are not selective and that domestic pets and even small children are at risk. If one finds illegal “baits” it might be advisable to contact the local police, in addition to the MNR, but have the former document the find in order to assist in possible prosecution. From personal experience I removed 2 “plates” of poison at the MNR’s request, only to discover the police could not begin an investigation due to the fact I’d tampered with evidence, despite the fact I’d photographed the scene. The MNR’s concern was “collateral damage” (i.e., small children), in addition to the 3 year old “pup” who violently died after ingesting it. Although the landowner was questioned, no charges were laid due to lack of evidence. One last thing the MOE’s top organic chemist scientist could not identify the poison used… A very scary thought indeed. So in the interests of anonymity, I’d like this letter to go directly to Chris and not be posted in TWA, in order to protect a dear friend who is unaware of what truly happened to his “best friend”. I just wanted Chris to see the other side when poison baits are found and the concerns that go along with it. Respectfully submitted, Brett Davis

Brett Davis