Archived Letter – 500

Dear Mr. Editor;

Help !

This week I read about the tail end of Two surveys, Bottlencks in Morriston, Food Banks, Free Lunches in Erin,
Grandmothers, Justice Conferences, Moving a Library,
Successful Raffles, and of course, Taxes.
Regarding the Fergus Library, I hope the lineups to
checkout books are as long the lineups at the new L.C.B.O.
near WalMart.
Congestion in Morriston will be relieved, as I previously stated, in 2017. Observe the preparations being made by the MTO on The Hanlon–an overpass at Laird Road and a cloverleaf at County Road 32.
I’m afraid I cannot comment on the other topics. I just
can’t cope anymore. These situations are too demanding !
I must stop internally ruminating about all these
crucial, life changing matters.
Therefore I avail myself to you, Mr. Adsett. Help us,
please help all of us in Wellington in our time of need.
Afterall, you are our county custodian.

Jim McClure,
Crieff, Ontario.

Jim McClure