Archived Letter – 499

Dear Editor

I am writing to thank the community for its support of the Community Resource Centre around our Chilifest Fundraiser.

Chilifest is our signature fund raising event and had to be cancelled this year due to the snow storm that hit Wellington county on February 8th of this year.

In its place we planned a “No Chili” Chilifest event that allowed us to raffle and auction off the generously donated prizes. It also enabled the agency to make up for some of the lost revenues due to the cancellation.

In the grand scheme of things…life goes on…and he cancellation is a small event compared to what people face in their day to day lives. nevertheless, the outpouring of concern and offers of assistance that we received was heartwarming. It provided all staff at the Community Resource Centre with renewed energy to carry out their work to ensure community members have the opportunity to succeed in their lives.

Thank you
Ron MacKinnon
Executive Director, Community Resource Centre

Ron MacKinnon